Cusco Shifter Bushings - Installation Guide and Images


What you'll need:

12mm open end or 12mm socket
eye protection
ramps or jack and jack stands.
Cusco Bushings

The install was pretty easy once I figured out how to get the old bushing
out. I recommend some eye protection. I kept getting dirt in my
eyes. Once you get the car in the air it shouldn't take more than 30
minutes. (as long as the exhaust isn't hot :)

The pictures are self explanatory but here's a quick description (Scroll Down for Images):

After getting the car safely on something, get under there and locate the
bushing. It's on the drivers side (LHD), by the tranny on the end of the
shifter link on a stud. The stud is attached to the tranny. It took me a
few min to find it. If you look for the O2 sensor wire, it's above the
connector. Take a 12mm open end and remove the nut and washer plate. The
washer plate is keyed so it will only go on one way but make sure you have
that little bent tab in the right direction when you put it back on. Pull
bushing off of the stud. I found the best way to move the link around is
to stick your arm behind the heat shield and grab the link. Then push out
the OEM bushing. It's one whole piece not two like the Cusco bushing. I
found it came out easily if you hold the link and position the bushing so
the stud is close to the edge of the bushing. Push hard towards the center
of the car and you can pop it out. Then just put one half on the stud, put
the link back on, then put the other half on. I found it difficult to get
the second half seated all the way. I got it in there just enough to get
the washer plate on and nut started. I just tightened it down and it
seated with no problems.

That's it your done.

Disclaimer, I'm not responsible if you drop the car on your head or get
something in your eye. Please work safely. YMMV and all that stuff.